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William A. Orazi

My testimony for events that occurred on the night of December 22, 2022


It was close to midnight and my Wife Karmen and I were lying in bed, she always sleeps with her head at the end of the bed while I sleep in the normal position. I decided to cuddle with her in the same position and she asked if I wanted to pray for the kids, I kind of tensed up because my son had just shipped off to the Marines several days ago, our last child gone from the house which was very painful and our other son was in Columbia and going through a very difficult situation.  Anyway, she started praying in Spanish and I followed in English as we normally pray our own different prayers out loud and at the same time.  I felt the need to stop praying and just listened to her pray. As I was laying next to her, I felt this calming peace overcome me and her voice sounded different which is hard to explain, I heard a different tone softer and purer and clear like that of an Angel, I heard the words and didn’t think she was praying in Spanish any longer but understood the meaning, maybe not as much the exact terms but felt comforted and at peace as she was praying.  When she ended, I asked her if she was praying in Spanish and told her she sounded so different and I immediately felt the need to ask her to start singing, “sing something, like right now”, and she started to sing and her voice sounded so beautiful and in perfect tune and I felt overwhelming peace.  At that moment I felt chills running through me and I knew at that moment that there was a presence in the room.  I closed my eyes and it sounds odd but I could see pretty clearly through my eyelids even though it was dark and I saw a dim light appear, as I opened my eyes, I watched an entity start to appear from the darkness above our bed, at first it was kind of like a silhouette but slowly became more vivid where I could more clearly see a three-dimensional figure hovering above us. The appearance was that of what looked to be like many crystals but without color, maybe because it was dark, and all of them were moving in unison, expanding and contracting in a slow wave like motion.  I could also see a deep fire red colored smaller core that appeared to be obstructed from time to time by the larger main body being the moving crystals that were undulating continuously.  The deep rich fire red core would appear then fade away then reappear and I could also see what looked like laser sharp pin sized very clear deep red spots appearing and disappearing about the main body of the figure, and appearing at the same time as the red core was visible. There were not that many red points but enough to see and were clearly visible.  In addition, off to the opposite left side of the main figure I could see a cluster of similar laser sharp pin sized points of light that were mixed with white and blueish white colors these appeared to remain in that position and covered a similar area.  I kept asking my Wife if she could see it and she said no but she said she could feel the presence and she was a bit overwhelmed and put the covers over her head and prayed to herself.  This visitation event lasted for maybe 5 or 10 minutes, I’m not certain about the duration, but I could not stop watching it the entire time. I was a bit nervous myself, but felt it was a benevolent spirit. I started to talk to it believing at this point that it was in fact an Angel and my Wife immediately said to not pray to them but to give thanks to God because Angels are Gods servants sent by him to help us and even Angels in the Bible said that we should not bow down or pray to them. So, I thanked God and nervously asked, with no response, if it was here to help us.  I continued to watch, and to be sure that my eyes were not playing tricks on me, I would look with my eyes away and to another location to see if I would see the same thing in another location, but every time I looked away there was just an empty black space and when I returned my gaze to where I was seeing the Angelic figure it was only appearing in that same one location over the bed.  I was moving my head checking myself so much that my Wife said stop moving like that.  After 5 to 10 minutes the Angel was no longer there, I told my wife it was gone and I returned to my normal sleeping position and we both quickly fell to sleep.


What I was witnessing was so beautiful, even in the way it was moving, it’s almost impossible for me to describe. When I woke up the next morning, I wanted to create a drawing of what I was seeing but I am no artist and would not do it any justice. Also, my Wife told me that just before I asked her to sing, she felt there was something different about her voice and that she also felt the need inside herself to sing. She said she knew at the moment that I asked her to sing that it was from God. 


I hope my detailed written account of my experience is enough for people to imagine and envision in their own minds. Yes, God is mysterious and everything he created is wonderful and beautiful, including his Angels, all just as the Bible says and without any doubt God is definitely real!

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