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Testimony 3

William A. Orazi

My testimony for events that occurred in High School & 30 Years Later


This testimony begins when I was younger and in High school, I think it was just before my Senior year. I was hearing a chorus singing in my head for like a week every morning when I woke up, I could never understand exactly what the words meant but they sounded beautiful, a chorus singing “Orayman”.   I thought it was one word, looked in English dictionaries, thought maybe it had to do with my last name which is Orazi?  I never figured it out, until one night my beautiful Columbian Wife Karmen said “Oray Daniel”.  I sat up in bed and said Karmen please say that again, and she explained that she was telling Daniel to pray before he went to sleep. So here it is finally after 30 years the meaning of the words finally disclosed to me. That word “Orayman” was apparently two words Oray meaning Pray in Spanish and the second was Man.  The thing is that I had stopped praying for maybe two years or more before I heard the singing chorus. I would pray every night to God, kind of talk to him when I was younger, but I had completely stopped around my high school years and I stopped going to the Catholic church also. For a very long time I had always had a difficult time bringing myself to pray and I felt guilt over stopping, yet still I didn’t pray for so very long. Here was God sending me a message so many years ago, a singing chorus in my head to pray and in Spanish, knowing one day I would discover its meaning. I included a verse in my song Holy Hallelujah that reflects on this experience “Chorus in my head signing pray to me”.  God absolutely works in mysterious ways and certainly in this case in God's time he reveals meanings to messages years later.  In his way God is telling me that he is still with me and is the Author of my life. 

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